Critics to Quite a night


Just check it out! The marvellous, beautiful album will embellish, sweeten and enrich many of your evenings. Jazz Newspaper Germany


Subtle seduction, which surely won’t leave you unaffected. Just give it a go.
Plato Dutch Magazine


An album which lives because of its counterpoints and its singer, who fortunately was able to develop her own specific music style based on the solid vocational training at the Jazz school in Basle.
Jazz Podium Germany


The singer Maja Christina from Basle is a romantic. This is proven by her latest album which shows the singer dressed in a graceful blue dress promenading at night through a flower garden. Again at last a Swiss production with a carefully designed cover. The ten original compositions (music and lyrics) by Maja Christina are strong and all about love in various forms. Once more the band with Köppel, Schnyder and Graf proves its value. This time the band was expanded by two guest musicians, namely Marco Figini (convincing in “Rigth to be in love”) and Thomas Achermann. In addition to the highly solid band it particularly is the singer Maja Christina who makes the album a must for everyone. During the last four years since her debut she made tremendous progress. Her singing is intonation proof and her voice shines in expression and sensuality with a lot of feeling and the required vibes. By listening to the album over and over again one falls in love with it and the album gives much more than just “quite a night” of joy.
Jazz’n’more Swiss Jazz Magazine


Critics to Romance


Romance - a great debut CD
black music scene, Germany


Maja Christina will have a great future!
Jazznotes, French Jazz Magazine


If I were Maja Christina, I would send a signed CD to the songwriters of the covered songs. I bed that a couple of them would react. In Germany the concept to transform well known Pop songs into Jazz-Arrangements has also been successfully marketed by the "Lisa Bassenge Trio". This concept can be carried out well or bad. Maja Christina has done it in an excellent manner. Suzanne Vegas "Tom's Diner", Aaron Nevilles "Yellow Moon", the well known "I can't stand the rain" and especially Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" have been modernized in a very astonishing and jazzy way. The way Maja Christina deals with "pseudo holy" material is pretty daring. In any case "Romance" is an album which will bring happiness and more not only to Jazz hearts.
Concert Austrian Jazz Magazine

The remarkable young musicians voice is strong in its expression and sensual at the same time. Her intonation is extraordinary and she swings.
With a hit of Fats Waller she is seeking to compete with the Famous in her business and she really does not have to be anxious being blamed by the comparison. Her version of Honeysuckle Rose is just great. Maja Christinas success can best be explained with her extraordinary voice and her very professional accompanists. With Pascal Graf on drums, Emanuel Schnyder on bass and Roland Köppel on piano, she is accompanied by an excellent rhythm group.
The repertoire Maja Christina presents in her debut album demonstrates her willingness to find new ways. In addition to her own compositions and Jazz standards she interprets a couple of pop songs of the last years illustrating that the so called Great American Songbook has not yet been finished.
Beat Blaser and Christoph Schwegler, Swiss Radio DRS 2

Finally, a young vocalist knows to impress with her debut album. She stands out from the almost inflationary female singers presenting CD's of a mediocre quality. The young singer Maja Christina who is living in the surroundings of Basel, Switzerland, is basically interpreting standards. As one knows this is a difficult task because of everybody's ability to criticise the protagonists talent. She renounces of alienation effects but nevertheless knows how to label every song with an own character.
Her extraordinary feeling as well as her musicality can best be understood by the fact that all her arrangements are made by herself. She has not only composed two titles but has also written the lyrics. Sound, timbre, articulation, security in intonation as well as scat vocals give a precise impression of the considerable quality of her music. She has also evaluated a very professional ensemble. The trombonist Schlegel is acting in a really extraordinary manner.
Johannes Anders, Jazz'n'more Swiss Jazz and Blues Magazine

Romance is a breezy, light album.
Bieler Tagblatt


I listened to the new CD Romance of Maja Christina and I liked it very much, in every aspect.
Peter Schmidlin TCB Montreux

Vocal Ambiance of highest course
Bird's eye news


Maja Christina fascinated with her expressive voice which she puts into action in various ways.
In her solos she excited with Scat singing indicating an astonishing perfect talent of improvisation which is very unusual for her young age.
Maja Christina knows very well to stage songs as Gershwins "But not for me" with a breathtaking dramaturgy.
Neue Mittelland Zeitung

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